What it Takes to Find The Best DUI Lawyer

What it Takes to Find The Best DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a common traffic offense. In most cases, victims of such cases are stuck on how best to seek legal representation. If you are facing penalties for duid, you should not find it hard or fear seeking legal representation. However, most people find this difficult. This article highlights some of the key questions to ask before hiring a dual lawyer.

Do they offer a free consultation for first-time clients?

DUI attorney

This is one of the things to ask before you think of engaging him or her. Ideally, you should settle for a lawyer that offers a free consultation for the first time. With this in place, you will be in a position of ascertaining the credibility and your comfort when dealing with the DUI lawyer in question. Remember that you are on the wrong side, and you would want somebody who would help you out. Thus, you need the assurance that the lawyer of choice will represent you to the maximum.

What are their service charges?

Once you have narrowed your selection process, you should remember to ask of service fee. You should later compare the value stated with your projected budget. Besides this, you should be sure of the terms of payment. Some attorneys prefer one-time payment while others may allow for installment payments. If you are comfortable with the amount and the terms of payment, then you can proceed with signing the agreement letter.

What is your area of specialization?

accident lawThis is yet another important question to ask if you want to the best representation. Like any other profession, lawyers too have different areas of specialty. In your selection, you should precisely go for a lawyer that has skills and the experience required in dealing with DUI offenses. Settling for such a lawyer is one of the sure ways of getting value out of money paid. More to this, such lawyers have the experience needed in handling different DUI problems.

How many clients with similar cases have you helped?

This is a vital question to ask when trying to get the best DUI. During an interview, you should make your DUI offence clear. There should be no additions or omissions. Once you are done, ask your lawyer, if he or she has handled such cases previously. If yes, probe deeper to find out if he or she is indeed knowledgeable in such cases.



Why You Need an Expungement Lawyer

Why You Need an Expungement Lawyer

With the kind of legal systems, we have these days; it is getting a bit difficult to stay away from trouble. Finding yourself in trouble with the law does not mean there is no hope for you. Getting everything working in your favor is possible. This looks like a job for an expungement lawyer. Though it sounds like so much trouble trying to find the best ones in the field of law, you will need someone that has a clean record of expungement cases.


It does not matter if you have been caught up on the wrong side of the law especially in the past. Life has its way of giving second chances to deserving cases. In this case, finding just the right lawyer to represent you is life’s funny way of giving you another chance. There are many simpler ways of getting in touch with a certified expungement lawyer. One of the leading ways to find one is through the internet. Check out www.laviagelaw.com since this is where all the best lawyers are located.

Expungement Lawyer

Get in touch with an expungement lawyer

A good expungement lawyer is the one that is certified by a higher legal authority. It is never easy to come across a lawyer who is impeccable in all their dealings. Which is why you have to be extra careful when choosing one to represent you. You can ask to see the relevant documents as it is your right to. If they deny you this right, they are probably not who they say they are. You can also have a look at the reviews left by previous clients online. It is never an easy task to go through each of the comments, but it is worth your while.

Another chance for your child

JUVENILE These rare lawyers are also available for children. The little ones also get in trouble with the law at times. Instead of staining their bright future with uncalled for allegations, why not have them squeaky clean? Expungement lawyers are also there to save kids from juvenile records that could stain their names forever. Find one that will ensure your child’s reputation is impeccable in the eyes of the law.

Family matters

Expungement lawyers are even more resourceful than any of us could have ever imagined. Their services are all the more indispensable with each passing day. For instance, in the event of a divorce, both parents fight for child custody. The judge will not grant you custody if your legal reputation is a mess. You will need a good lawyer who will help expunge all the lawless acts you may have been involved in.

Medical team

These are lifesavers who sometimes go through thick and thin just to save lives. Unbelievably enough, they also never have it easy when it comes to legal matters. Their statuses are threatened when they are in bad books with the law for some reason. They too need a helping hand from the best expungement lawyers in existence. They will then be able to get back to saving lives, as is their calling.

Finding a Great Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury law is quite complicated and involves a lot of specialized practices and rules. If you fail to choose an attorney who specializes in personal injury, you risk getting low-quality representation in court or consultations with the insurance company. If you have been hit by an 18-wheeler, it is a good idea to choose a reputable attorney that takes cases to trial whenever necessary. In fact, most attorneys that advertise that they specialize in personal injury cases are yet to take even a single case to court. The following are tips to consider:

Proven history
Choose a personal injury attorney with a good history of favorable verdicts and high settlements. For instance, if your case involves serious injuries, it is necessary to know that the attorney can deliver a great settlement or verdict. Ask the attorney how many settlements or dollar verdicts he or she uses. The truth is that not every case is worth millions of dollars, but your attorney should work card to deliver a high settlement.

Professional groups
Check whether your attorney is a member of professional groups. In this field, lawyers learn from others and collaborate with their colleagues. We are in a difficult environment where the insurers use underhand methods and tricks to make injured persons look bad.

Adequate resources
You need an attorney who has got adequate resources to take the case seriously. When hiring an attorney, ensure you look around to see whether or she is successful. Check whether the lawyer has adequate resources to prepare for the case. This is because serious cases are very expensive to execute. For instance, several experts are required to prepare the case. For instance, doctors should have their reports taken and appear in court to provide evidence.

Past clients
A good lawyer will allow you to talk to his or her past clients. In fact, a lawyer who is satisfied with his or her results will be happy to provide you with a list of past clients. If your accident attorney refuses to give you a list of past clients, then there is a hidden reason. Maybe, he or she does a shoddy job.

It is a good idea to hire lawyers who have written in personal injury area. Also, they should have made presentations to students and other lawyers on the same. In this way, you can be assured that you are hiring a qualified person.

How to face a Personal Injury Case

How to face a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases happens a lot, from food poisoning to assaults and even accidents, every day there’s a lot of cases regarding a personal injury that occurs to people around the world. An analysis counts that the average of 11.000 personal injury accidents happens in the USA in every hour, and perhaps you’re one of them. You might not know on what to do if you happen to experience a personal injury incident, but worry no further in this article we’re going to discuss on what to do, so make sure you read this article to find out more.

Consult with a personal injury lawyer a.s.a.p

hammerIf you’re a personal injury victim, make sure that you consult with a personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible. You can always go alone, and try to take care of the files yourself, but the worst possibilities is that company will probably have a lawyer which their purpose is to pay you as little as possible for what you lost. A professional lawyer is there to help you with paperwork, even the odds and to make sure that the company will compensate everything you need, including medical bills, rehabilitation, and also for any suffering that you have to go through.

Think before you say anything

Everything that you speak to an insurance adjuster can be used against you, so make sure to consult with your attorney first before you go up to your insurance adjuster. Another tip is never to agree to a recorded interview when asked, only concur after consulting and making sure that your attorney is there during the recorded conversation. Doing this will prevent companies to twist, harass or even trick people to say some statements that might be used during the final settlement, which is something you wouldn’t want.

Don’t sign any release

This tip is another reason on how insurance companies are trying to trick you. Some companies will ask you to sign a release, claiming to “gather the information needed for processing.” And most of the time what they’re going to do is that they’re trying to get all of your background information such as medical records, employment records, school records, anything that they need to build a case against your claim. Make sure that you read more about insurance company releases or consult with your lawyer as usual for the safest choice of action.

The legal terms of child support

The legal terms of child support

Disagreements are inevitable, but they do not have to be at the expense of someone else’s peace of mind. In our case, couples tend to disagree about almost everything. As much as it is expected for them to fail to see eye to eye at some point, the kids must be considered. This is especially so if the disagreements in question are taken a notch higher. If they have to split for some reason, the kids have to be cushioned against all kinds of insecurities. This is where child support comes into the picture. Hence, both parties must understand all there is to know about it.


What is child support?

The society today has led most of us into thinking that divorce is a very natural thing. Which is why it might come as a surprise that most of us do not know what child support is.
As the name suggests, child support is basically the money paid on a monthly basis for the purpose of a child’s welfare. This money is typically paid by a man who has sired a child with a woman but is not in a position to fully commit to her.


Just so the child is not affected by this arrangement, child support should be paid without fail. Since most men are slowly backing out of the child support system, new child support guidelines have been put in place. Hopefully, they will see to it that the child’s future is secured through monetary support.

Calculation of child support

This is very necessary as it reduces the number of cases where fathers abscond their duties towards their children. It works in such a way that legal representatives have to be involved. All this for the purpose of seeing to the fact that the whole process runs smoothly. This is what the child support guidelines in question entail.
In order for the right figures to be reached, sensitive details such as income have to be in the picture.
That is not all, the number of children being supported is also very important. All these details put together will help reach a viable agreement. So far, no one is complaining about the child support calculator. In fact, a huge percentage of single parents are in support of this new child support guideline.

As mentioned earlier, a lawyer has to be involved in the whole set for it to turn out successful. You have probably heard of cases where a single parent ends up crying foul over her ex-partner’s dishonesty.
A lawyer takes the matter to court. This is for the sole purpose of ensuring that the child support is not swept under the rug indefinitely. Instead, things have to be done in the right way.
This is why the details of each parent are recorded to the best of their knowledge. It will ensure that the children get exactly what they are entitled to. They have the right to lead an enjoyable life just like other children of their age.

Why hire a family lawyer

Why hire a family lawyer

Lawyers are essential people within the society. The role of a lawyer is to protect you from the abuse of law. Back in the day’s people were commonly beaten up until they are forced to confess what they never participated in doing until they come to fight against it. Without lawyers, police officers will always take advantages of violating your rights having no one to stand for you. Prosecutors will still take advantage of doing the wrong things because they are no one to stop them. During the harsh times like losing a loved one or getting injured, lawyers will ensure that you have a good chance of winning a lawsuit. Within our legal system lawyers are always available on both sides of everything.

Today family lawyers deal with legal matters on divorce, marriages, child custody and support, legal separation, adoption and002 other related issues. Family lawyers are usually trained to dealing with issues relating to both emotion and financial matters. Austin family law attorney Eric M. Willie, P.C. help ease the tension of family issues and has the knowledge of guiding you in making the right choices. Family issues are highly emotional and need to be dealt with firmly to keep balance within the society. They are several benefits of hiring a family lawyer.

Knowledge and skills

To be considered a qualified lawyer, you need to be trained to acquire knowledge and skills of dealing with family problems. A good lawyer should have a better understanding and experience of how to deal with family laws. It is most likely that you can lose a case by hiring an unexperienced lawyer to deal with your family issues. On the other hand, somebody knowledgeable and equipped with skills of coping with family laws will go a long way in handling legal and technical aspects that come forth. Also, he ensures that you can make informed decisions pertaining your family.

Emotional support

In cases like child custody or divorce, emotions are highly available finding yourself going through a massive level of stress. An experienced lawyer will not only provide you with legal support but also provide you with the moral and emotional support you need during these tough times. They are always available to give you a shoulder to lean on to ensure you cope with the pressure that comes along.


Family lawyers are often useful in counseling. They make sure your decisions are not made from being emotionally stressed out but provide you with adequate advice through counseling to eliminate the need for a legal action or a lawsuit.

How to choose the right lawyer

How to choose the right lawyer

It is wise to let a lawyer represent you in court if you are faced with a case. It does not matter which side you are. The services of a lawyer will be best for you. Lawyers understand court procedures and legal terms hence it will be easy for them to defend you. Without defensive mechanism and techniques, you cannot win a case. A lawyer will provide all that hence the possibility of winning the case. The right lawyer, however, must be used for you to get the best service. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing a lawyer.

Factors to consider when selecting a lawyer


This is the number one factor to consider when choosing a lawyer. Did they attend any law school and scored the right grades. Ask them for certificates from the school they studied law. Certificates from law organization bodies must be availed as well. These certificates are the only proof that the person you are about to choose is not a quack.


For how long has the lawyer been practicing. It is one thing the year they cleared school and another thing the number of years they have been practicing as lawyers. To confirm the number of years ask for references. Call a number of them and get to hear what the former employer has to say about them. Establish reasons why the employee left their previous employment. Ask the old employer about the employee’s attitude and personality as well.

Check their websites

Professional lawyers must own a website. You must be able to get details about them by searching them online. Once on their websites, check on what they have been offering, in this case, the number of cases they have handled and won. Check the profile of the cases as well. If they have handled several high-profile cases and won, you can trust them with yours. What other clients say about them in the ratings and reviews matter a lot too. But you should not use the reviews as the only point of consideration. Some people get fake or untrue reviews from friends, family or hired people.


Cost must be considered when choosing a lawyer. Some lawyers are notoriously expensive. A specialized lawyer will be more expensive than general lawyers. You pay more for knowledge and expertise in their field of specialization. It is important to get detailed costs that will be involved when hiring the lawyer of your choice. Some slap you with hidden charges when the case ends.