How to Know the Best Criminal Attorney in Toronto

For an individual charged with a crime for the first time, it must be a daunting experience. For sure, you must be in a state of confusion on what to do, who to talk to, and where to go. You will, of course, have your family, friends, and other supporters who will be reassuring you that everything will be alright. But will everything be okay if you do not have the best attorney to represent you in court?

Don’t let the feeling of uncertainty envelop you. Helping you find the best lawyer must be the best thing that they will do for you at the moment. Once you have gathered the names of prospective lawyers to choose from, you should set your criteria before zeroing in on one. Here’s how you can select the attorney who will fight for you in the courtroom.

Track Record

door signYour whole future may depend on how an attorney will perform in and out of the courtroom. In this case, you should look for an attorney with a high percentage of winning his cases. This is not the time for settling for the second-best. With a criminal lawyer who does not have a high winning percentage, chances are, you are going to have the same fate as those who have been there before you. You may get an unfavorable verdict as well, which means you have your entire life trying to cope with a horrible experience.


How unique is the crime that you are charged with? If it is a driving misdemeanor, then every lawyer must have experienced dealing with it. Criminal law includes all that involves the administration of justice. This means that a newbie in criminal law may not have a vast experience in every criminal law field. Experience begets expertise, so you should hire a criminal attorney who has had a case like yours before. For sure, he knows how to get you out of the hook.


An ideal criminal lawyer will try to secure your future. He understands the consequences of being convicted of a crime. When an attorney has empathy over his clients, he will do his best to win your case. You can know if an attorney cares for his clients if he gives you assurance the first time you will meet him for consultation.


What his past clients say about an attorney should matter. What other people in the industry will tell you should also be a critical factor when making your final decision.

Who are Accident Lawyers and What Do They Do?

Who are Accident Lawyers and What Do They Do?

An accident lawyer or attorney is often referred to as a personal injury lawyer. They are considered as advocates for those who have been involved in accidents and suffered damages due to the negligence of another party. They specialize in different cases involving people hurt in a dui accident such as truck, car, boat, bus and motorcycle or any other accident.

They also help individuals who have problems with insurance companies. Attorneys waive some upfront cost and take a percentage depending on the payment an individual is compensated. An accident lawyer does various things including:

Obtaining the needed evidence of liability

AccidentsIt is the work of accident attorneys to gather the relevant evidence that one needs to prove liability in a claim. Even if one has taken actual photographs of the accident scene, a lawyer will have to confirm before presenting them to court as evidence. The lawyer will avail all necessary accident reports. They talk to witnesses and investigating police to ensure that they exhaust all the possible evidence.

They avail evidence of damages incurred

In case one has suffered severe losses due to an auto accident, an attorney will obtain the necessary documentation regarding the extent of injuries suffered. These may include bills from health care institutions. Getting such documentation is not a walk in the park, but an attorney understands how to handle them.

Most healthcare institutions have long and complicated procedures that should be followed before they give out such documents. They can even give incomplete documents in case one doesn’t understand how to go about. An accident attorney will ensure that the documentation reflects what the injury, physical limitation or disability is and that it was caused as a result of the negligence of the other party.

They communicate with the insurer of the other driver

An accident attorney initiates communication with the insurer of the other driver involved in the accident. Good communication with the insurance adjuster is critical in helping a plaintiff get fair compensation.

They negotiate settlement

An accident attorney will negotiate a settlement for the plaintiff. Negotiating for compensation is not as easy as it may sound. It requires exceptional skills and a personal injury lawyer understands how far one needs to go when seeking for fair and better settlement. They know how much an injury is worth and will battle to help the complainant settle for a top dollar.

They negotiate with lien holders

LawyerFor those who got benefits from a disability, worker’s or health compensation insurer, their insurers often have a lien on their claims. They are paid a portion of the settlement amount even before the plaintiff is paid. An accident lawyer liaises with the lien holder to help reduce the amount they can claim.


No case is too small or too big to hire an accident lawyer provided the complainant suffered injuries due to the negligence of another. Accident attorneys understand all aspects of law and will battle to ensure a plaintiff gets fair compensation.

The above are some of the services they provide. However, it is advisable to consider hiring an accident attorney who’s experienced and can guarantee the best representation.

Why hire a family lawyer

Why hire a family lawyer

Lawyers are essential people within the society. The role of a lawyer is to protect you from the abuse of law. Back in the day’s people were commonly beaten up until they are forced to confess what they never participated in doing until they come to fight against it. Without lawyers, police officers will always take advantages of violating your rights having no one to stand for you. Prosecutors will still take advantage of doing the wrong things because they are no one to stop them. During the harsh times like losing a loved one or getting injured, lawyers will ensure that you have a good chance of winning a lawsuit. Within our legal system lawyers are always available on both sides of everything.

Today family lawyers deal with legal matters on divorce, marriages, child custody and support, legal separation, adoption andcourt other related issues. Family lawyers are usually trained to dealing with issues relating to both emotion and financial matters.  Family issues are highly emotional and need to be dealt with firmly to keep balance within the society. They are several benefits of hiring a family lawyer.

Knowledge and skills

To be considered a qualified lawyer, you need to be trained to acquire knowledge and skills of dealing with family problems. A good lawyer should have a better understanding and experience of how to deal with family laws. It is most likely that you can lose a case by hiring an unexperienced lawyer to deal with your family issues. On the other hand, somebody knowledgeable and equipped with skills of coping with family laws will go a long way in handling legal and technical aspects that come forth. Also, he ensures that you can make informed decisions pertaining your family.

Emotional support

In cases like child custody or divorce, emotions are highly available finding yourself going through a massive level of stress. An experienced lawyer will not only provide you with legal support but also provide you with the moral and emotional support you need during these tough times. They are always available to give you a shoulder to lean on to ensure you cope with the pressure that comes along.


Family lawyers are often useful in counseling. They make sure your decisions are not made from being emotionally stressed out but provide you with adequate advice through counseling to eliminate the need for a legal action or a lawsuit.