How to Know the Best Criminal Attorney in Toronto

For an individual charged with a crime for the first time, it must be a daunting experience. For sure, you must be in a state of confusion on what to do, who to talk to, and where to go. You will, of course, have your family, friends, and other supporters who will be reassuring you that everything will be alright. But will everything be okay if you do not have the best attorney to represent you in court?

Don’t let the feeling of uncertainty envelop you. Helping you find the best lawyer must be the best thing that they will do for you at the moment. Once you have gathered the names of prospective lawyers to choose from, you should set your criteria before zeroing in on one. Here’s how you can select the attorney who will fight for you in the courtroom.

Track Record

door signYour whole future may depend on how an attorney will perform in and out of the courtroom. In this case, you should look for an attorney with a high percentage of winning his cases. This is not the time for settling for the second-best. With a criminal lawyer who does not have a high winning percentage, chances are, you are going to have the same fate as those who have been there before you. You may get an unfavorable verdict as well, which means you have your entire life trying to cope with a horrible experience.


How unique is the crime that you are charged with? If it is a driving misdemeanor, then every lawyer must have experienced dealing with it. Criminal law includes all that involves the administration of justice. This means that a newbie in criminal law may not have a vast experience in every criminal law field. Experience begets expertise, so you should hire a criminal attorney who has had a case like yours before. For sure, he knows how to get you out of the hook.


An ideal criminal lawyer will try to secure your future. He understands the consequences of being convicted of a crime. When an attorney has empathy over his clients, he will do his best to win your case. You can know if an attorney cares for his clients if he gives you assurance the first time you will meet him for consultation.


What his past clients say about an attorney should matter. What other people in the industry will tell you should also be a critical factor when making your final decision.